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Chanté Timothy

About me:

Chanté Timothy (Pronounced Shan-Tay) is Black British Carribean and a freelance illustrator. Her work can be described as a great blend of eye-catching colours, simplistic but confident linework with a lot of movement and energy in each piece. She uses a combination of traditional techniques in her linework and digital software for the colouring process. She believes that representation of all aspects of life is essential, especially in children’s books to allow children to ask questions or see themselves in the society that we have built, as an individual and equal to others. She is inspired by the likes of Malorie Blackman, Andrea Pippins, Andy J Pizza, Michelle Obama, Franner, Andre 3000 (Outkast), Anderson Paak, and Lizzo because of their combined message of strength, acceptance of differences and loving one’s true self.