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Ananya Rao-Middleton

About me:

Ananya is an artist and freelance illustrator who uses vibrant, vivid watercolour and digital paintings as a way of expressing herself post-brain injury. She started watercolour painting in November 2018 after a brain injury left her housebound. While she may have been trapped inside, her imagination became an escape as she turned her hand to creating fantastical illustrations. Women of colour are seen roaming with dinosaurs or amongst wildflowers, embodying the freedom and adventure she craved. Vivid, vibrant and explorative, Ananya uses colours inspired by nature to create wild, tropical backdrops for her pieces.

She describes herself as a feminist artist, and is always looking for the next opportunity to translate political issues that matter to her into art. She strives to create stories and illustrations with children of colour in mind, inspired to fill the gap in literature available that tells of their diverse experiences living in the UK.