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Literature briefs

There are six literature creation briefs running across the Pathways programme. Each brief is devised and delivered by a different children’s publisher or publishers. Briefs set out an illustration task for mentees to complete within a fixed timeframe, producing small- to medium-scale items of illustrated literature within the specified format and parameters, which are then critiqued by the publishers as well as agents. The first brief is delivered at the 2019 residential; and the last brief will be to create a draft story, dummy book or strong extract of a final work of literature in one of the four forms explored in the short courses. Some of the very best literature will be selected to take to print and published in small print-runs for sale on the Pathways website and in selected children’s bookshops.

Literature Brief 1

Literature Brief 1 was delivered and critiqued by Bloomsbury at the residential which kicked off the Pathways programme. Mentees produced a short sequence of three illustrations, inspired by the title ‘An Incredible Journey’. Their illustrations had to be guided by a series of prompts relating to their character, that character’s emotions, a prop, and the type of adventure the character would have.

Anglia Ruskin University

Friday 13 December


Literature Brief 2

Literature Brief 2 was set and critiqued by Andersen Press, and required mentees to develop three characters from a choice of six described in an excerpt from an unpublished picture book text, for a target audience of 4 to 6 year olds. The three character illustrations would need to stand alone as individual A5 postcards – but when laid side-by-side, the characters should also be interacting with one another. Parameters included no or minimal use of background environments. This brief ran alongside the Masterclasses on Character, Animal and People illustration.

Camberwell University of the Arts

Tuesday 14 January

Andersen Press

Literature Brief 3

Literature Brief 3, set and critiqued by Scholastic, was a non-fiction illustration task. Drawing from an unpublished text, mentees had to research and develop a character, then illustrate six sequential scenes in a unique concertina fold-out format, creating rich, believable environments which the character would move through. Parameters included limiting colour palettes to two or maximum three colours. This brief ran alongside the Masterclasses in Place, Atmosphere and Environments illustration, Sequential Narrative, and Image Construction.



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