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EXPIRED: A Series of Micro Residencies with ‘A Moment’s Peace’

By Jay Hulme

A Moment’s Peace is offering a series of micro-residencies, each running for three months.

Who Can Apply?

  • Artists who have demonstrable experience of working in participatory practice.
  • Artists who are able to facilitate their work, either online or in-person, with care.
  • Artists must be comfortable working in multicultural, multi-lingual spaces, and as the project engages participants from a women’s group experience of working in this context is desired.

How does it work?

During each three-month residency each artist will be asked to:

  • Design and deliver 3 x 2 hour-workshops (one per month).
  • Collate the work created by their assigned group members across the 3 months.
  • Provide the instructions and details of required materials for one creative task to form part of the ‘at home’ engagement programme.

What do you get?

The fee for these micro-residencies have been set at SAU hourly engagement rates of £37.85 for artists with 5+ years experience:

  • Women’s Creative Company – £832
  • Shared Space – £1060

The difference in fee for the two groups is due to the Shared Space monthly workshop being delivered twice in the same day to accommodate the large number of group members wishing to attend.

When do applications close?

Applications close Monday 31st May at 5pm

Find out more and apply here

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