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Book of the Week: The Twins and the Bird of Darkness

By Pathways

Written by  Robert D. San Souci, illustrated by Terry Widener, published by Simon and Schuster

Based on a Caribbean folk tale, The Twins and the Bird of Darkness tells the story of brave and kind Soliday and his lazy twin brother Salcota. When a princess is kidnapped by a seven-headed bird, the brothers embark on a journey to save her. Although Soliday does all of the heavy lifting, Salcota jumps in to take all the credit as soon as he gets the chance to do so. How will Salacotta’s betrayal shape the bond between the brothers? 

This richly-illustrated picture book captures the age-old magic that folk tales carry and brings it straight into the 21st century.

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Simon and Schuster has volunteered to support Pop Up Projects’ 10 Stories to Make a Difference campaign aimed at publishing 10 gorgeous children’s books in celebration of the organisation’s tenth birthday. This beautifully illustrated collection of picture books will feature poetry and short stories for young readers, supporting their mission to promote a rich diversity of voices, experiences and themes in children’s books.  

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