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Book of the week: Leah’s Star

By Pathways

Written by Margaret Bateson-Hill, illustrated by Karin Littlewood, published by Alanna Max

In the busy town of Bethlehem, an innkeeper is visited by a young mother-to-be and her husband, in desperate need of a room. With no space to spare, he, along with his young daughter Leah, help the couple find shelter in a nearby stable. Full of wonder and curiosity, Leah is drawn to the mother-to-be, only to find herself caught in the midst of drama she never expected! She eventually learns that this baby is no ordinary child and that she herself plays a very special role in this miracle.

Leah’s Star brings a human touch to an age-old story by adding rich detail to the magic and the drama around the Nativity. It’s enriched by the important message that the story of the nativity is for everyone.

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