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Book of the Week: All About Friends

By Pathways

Written by Felicity Brooks, illustrated by Mar Ferrero, published by Usborne

Who is a friend? Why do we need friends? How can you make friends? This cheerful book is packed with everything that little ones (and possibly many grown-ups) may need to know about making friends.

Featuring little comics and dozens of illustrations per page, young readers will enjoy leafing through the colourful book while learning new things about friendship. This is likely to help them find first days and new situations less intimidating. 

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Usborne has volunteered to support Pop Up Projects’ 10 Stories to Make a Difference campaign aimed at publishing 10 gorgeous children’s books in celebration of the organisation’s tenth birthday. This beautifully illustrated collection of picture books will feature poetry and short stories for young readers, supporting their mission to promote a rich diversity of voices, experiences and themes in children’s books.  

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